How Graft adds £2 million back into the local economy each year


Jul 16


In our interview with Hazel Wright of Graft we were amazed at the contribution they are making to the Reading and Thames Valley economy each year. Here is a summary of our Question and Answer session with Hazel:

  • Hazel how do you put this much money back into Reading?

Hazel explained that by helping local disadvantaged job seekers, Graft can make this amazing contribution to the public purse. She went on to explain that simply, by getting approximately 40% of their clients into meaningful paid employment each year, it means they no longer depend on benefits. So, said Hazel, with savings on unemployment and other benefits, revenues from tax and NI contributions, we can save the tax payer this much.


  • I love to hear a success story, and wanted to know how Hazel and her team at Graft had such success?

Hazel said that it worked because they treat each of their clients individually, providing a bespoke package of support that is just right for them. She said ‘the best way to explain what we do is through our clients, so have a look at this short video’. Graft Clients Feedback.


  • I asked Hazel if the people Graft placed stayed in work?

Hazel explained that 85% of their clients stay in work. So the revenues they generate in tax and NI payments and the VAT income from their purchases are repeated year after year, helping to add to the savings and local economy.


  • Hazel how do you get money to keep Graft alive?

Hazel explained that they relied on donations (Link), companies and individuals sponsoring selected activities and they relied on businesses purchasing their training & corporate services


  • How much do you need to raise each year Hazel?

Hazel said it costs about £100,000 each year to run Graft But remember for every £1 spent, we generate £20 of social impact.