Feedback: Two-Way Empowerment

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Why Is Giving Feedback Important?

Giving honest feedback, in a non-judgmental way, is also an important part of learning. In an academic setting, teachers are encouraged to spend as long as possible giving good feedback to their students. That is because:

Feedback can improve a student's confidence, self-awareness and enthusiasm for learning.
Taken from the University of Reading information pages on Feedback

Although this quote is taken from the perspective of the teacher giving feedback to the student, the opposite is at times more valuable. That is because giving feedback:

  • Asks you to take control of your learning
  • Allows you to influence the way you receive information so that it is more relevant to you
  • Forces you to connect with the part of you that "has your best interest at heart", and therefore helps to build confidence.

From our perspective, it allows us to create the best learning environment for you, which is what matters most to us.

Survival Guide - Conclusion

In this final workshop, we reviewed the progress you have made over the Survival Guide, looked at some feedback we received from an employer's perspective.


In particular, we heard that although there are no requirements to disclose a disability, employers are very aware that unless they know about them, they cannot be certain that all their staff are being assessed fairly.


We also learned that it is likely that there are many more people with non-visible disabilities in a workplace, than any data can accurately capture. There are two main reasons for which this might be the case: the first, that individuals may not actually be aware that they have a disability, the second, that they may have chosen not to disclose.


We also heard from a CEO coach who has helped many companies understand the value of having a diverse workforce. She also told us that when coached well, CEOs realise that the types of adjustments needed, are less drastic than they might have thought. This links back to the Worksheet you completed in Episode 3 on employment, which helped you understand your red lines, and ways you might be able to make adjustments to your environment to be able to overcome some difficulties. With the work started in Communication week, you saw how different "media" might help you express these clearly to an employer so they can see just how easily they can make the changes needed.


It is also important that you understand your rights and responsibilities with regards to your employer, so we have included some links to sources of information that you might find useful. The rules are quite complex, so do contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Workshop Resources and Materials

Useful Links

  • RVA publishes jobs for local charities here: RVA Jobs
  • They also let you know of training you might be able to access: RVA Training


Given the emotive element of this Workshop, we would like to provide you with a list of useful contacts in case you feel overwhelmed by the subject:

  • Family Mediation Service
  • ACAS employer/employee mediation
  • in work support and mediation
  • Reading Citizens Advice
  • If you are in work and having difficulties contact the relevant trade Union. Even if you are not a member they may be able to help you.
  • Samaritans - available for anyone struggling to cope and provide a safe place to talk 24 hours a day.
  • The National Bullying Helpline - can provide free, confidential help and support if you are being bullied at work, at home, in the community or in education.
  • eCRIME - a website containing useful, common-sense approach, advice and practical information on cyberbullying, trolling, mobbing and all forms of online crime for adults and children alike.

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